EA-1 Exchange Agreement Proposal

Host Families

HF-1 Host Family Application
cHF-1 Canadian Host Family Application
HF-2 Host Family In-Home Interview-Inspection
cHF-2 Canadian Host Family In-Home Interview-Inspection
HF-4 Host Family Orientation
cHF-4 Canadian Host Family Orientation
HF-5 Host Family Certification
HF-8 Second Visit to Host Home
cHF-8 Canadian Second Visit to Host Home
HFSP-1 Secondary Review of Single Parent Host
HFSP-2 Approval of Single Parent Host

Inbound Students

IB-0 DS2019 Request Form
IB-1 Club Compliance Certification
cIB-1 Canadian Club Compliance Certification
IB-2 REMOVED (Student Location Status Report)
IB-3 REMOVED (Log of Program Contacts)
IB-5 Visa Application Instructions
IB-6 Inbound Request for Visit by Family
IB-7 Inbound Immunization Record
IB-8 English Proficiency Certification

Short Term

HFST-1 STEP Host Family Application-Affidavit
HFST-2 STEP Host Family In-Home Interview-Inspection
HFST-4 STEP Host Family Orientation


V-2 Volunteer Orientation Attendance Report
cV-2 Canadian Volunteer Orientation Attendence Report
V-3 Volunteer Certification Record

Background Check

V-1 Volunteer Application
cV-1 Canadian Volunteer Application
waV-1 Volunteer Application Washington State
HFV-1 Reference Report
cHFV-1 Canadian Reference Report

Department of State

HF-6 DOS Regulations
HF-7 DOS Letter to Host Families
IB-4 DOS Letter to Students
DOS Letter to School
What is Public Diplomacy?
Wilberforce Pamphlet